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Results from previous events
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2023 September Open Show
BIS Toraylac Harvard


2023 Joint CKCS Club's Championship Show
Juzandia The Sharman


2023 Championship Show
BIS AM/CKCSC/Can Ch. Chadwick Pursuit of Perfection


2023 January Open Show
BIS Arrowbien Salome


2022 October Open Show
BIS Cavaliegh Genova


2022 Championship Show
BIS Ch. Emberlace Tullamore


2022 January Open Show
BIS Stavonga Shot Silk at Ricksbury


2021 October Open Show
BIS Ellemich The Hunted


2021 Championship Show 2
BIS Ch. Ricksbury Royal Heritage


2021 Championship Show 1
BIS Ch. Pascavale Haiden


2020 January Open Show
BIS Khatibi Bark Obama


2019 October Open Show
BIS Khatibi Bark Obama


2019 Championship Show
BIS Pascavale Hudson at Lovetrac


2019 January Open Show
BIS Pascavale Gino


2018 October Open Show
BIS Ispahan Sister Midnight


2018 Championship Show
BIS Ch Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale


2018 January Open Show
BIS Pascavale Tommy


2017 October Open Show
BIS Hearthfriend Bah Humbug JW


2017 Championship Show
BIS Leogem Renaissance JW


2017 January Open Show
BIS Lochbuie Reddy For Anything


2016 October Open Show
BIS Cinderaic The Lady Is A Tramp



2016 Championship Show
BIS Multi Ch. Gillespie Diamond Chaser of Pascavale


2016 January Open Show
BIS Castlewytch Rave On With Russmic


2015 October Open Show
BIS Carolus Don Ricco


2015 Championship Show
BIS Lochbuie Cappuccino


2015 January Open Show
BIS Pennygown Madly Deeply for Vallender


2014 October Open Show
BIS Harana Kiki Dee


2014 Championship Show
BIS Cavaleigh Jacob


2014 January Open Show
BIS Miletree Montesuma of Londoncor


2013 October Open Show
BIS Honeybet Magic Touch


2013 Joint Champ Show
BIS Int Ch. Bonitos Companeros Imperator


2013 Championship Show
BIS Leogem Rhapsody


2013 January Open Show
BIS Cinderaic Seduction